‘Behind the News’ with Global Edmonton’s two Quinns on the weekend

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In the May issue of Avenue Edmonton magazine, you’ll learn more about Global Edmonton’s two Quinns: Quinn Ohler and Quinn Phillips, who lead our weekend news and sports coverage.

Here is the extended interview:

Global Edmonton has not one, but two Quinn’s on the Global News desk.


True to the definition of their name, they are unique, intelligent, community minded storytellers with real personality and together they anchor Edmonton’s #1 ranked Weekend News: Global News at 6 and 11. Their combined energy engages viewers and makes weekends worth watching.

On 老域名怎么购买, Quinn Ohler describes herself as Global News Anchor/Reporter, farm girl and athlete wannabe. Quinn Phillips states that she is Global Edmonton Sports Reporter/Anchor, loves to tell stories, and loves to laugh even more. But there is way more to their story. 

We know you share a name and that you work on the same Global newscasts, is there anything else (surprising) that you have in common?

Quinn Ohler (QO): Quinn and I have very different backgrounds. I’m from small town southern Alberta and she grew up in Edmonton.  But I think our parents raised us in very similar ways. For one thing, sports and sportsmanship was a big part of our upbringing. Quinn Phillips was a swimmer, I was a figure skater, and we both grew up watching and following hockey.  I spent my entire childhood in an arena watching my brothers play hockey, and playing hockey myself, before my mom pulled me out for doing a spin during a breakaway. We have both taken a lot from sport and used it in our daily lives.

The two of us also wear our hearts on our sleeves. When we are happy everyone knows, and when we are upset, everyone knows. (I don’t cry at every major sporting event like she does though.)

We both spent time working at Global Lethbridge (there’s a third Quinn there working now) and we find it hilarious when people send emails to the wrong Quinn.

Oh, and (surprise!) we are both natural blonde.

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#tbt to prove that I was once a blonde. One of my favourite pics from working in Lethbridge with @paulkingsmith ! #yql #yeg #stanleycup

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Quinn Phillips (QP): I made the mistake of reading Quinn’s answer before I wrote mine, so now I’m having trouble coming up with something else.

But I can say we both love sweets, love to laugh, love a good challenge at the gym and on a not so positive front we are both far too accident prone. Every step off the curb in heels is a risk.

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Oh that lighting! Worth the "hold at the top. Again." Nice work @brettkirkland10 #30 #movingonupintheworld

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Besides the News, what do you like to do on the weekends?

QO: There are things to do on weekends besides work? (laughs) I love running in the river valley, or getting in a workout at the gym. I also adore taking in lots of local festivals, and of course the Downtown and Strathcona Farmer’s Markets, or just sleeping in before I have to come into work in the early afternoon.

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The @globaledmonton crew at #move for #movember #mondays. Thanks guys! @margeauxmorin @beth.toth @a_streck @shallima_maharaj @quinnphillips

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QP: Friday nights I typically reserve for something social so I really don’t feel like I’m missing out too much on the weekend.

I try not to miss a Saturday morning workout at my gym, either as it really sets the tone considering that Saturday is technically my Monday. But to be honest, my mornings before I go to work are pretty chill; I don’t like feeling rushed going in to work and I like to have time to watch any afternoon sporting events.

Describe a favourite (or inspirational) sports/news moment in your career.

QO: I got to go skydiving with the military once when I was working in Lethbridge. That was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a story.

One of the most heart-wrenching stories I did was with a military family. I was out at CFB Edmonton doing a homecoming story right before Christmas. A young mom came up to me and invited me to their home to surprise their little girl.  The little girl had written a letter to Santa, and in it she had asked for a few small toys, but what she wanted most was for her dad to be home for Christmas (he wasn’t supposed to be home until a couple of months into the new year, but came back early.)

Her mom wrapped up her dad in a giant box, and invited Santa to their home to read the letter with them. The little girl opened the box and jumped into her father’s arms. They both cried and held each other and told each other how much they loved each other.  I sat in the corner of their house in tears, not sure how the heck I was going to tell a story that was so touching.

WATCH: Sat, Dec 14, 2013 – A five-year-old Edmonton girl’s Christmas wish came true Friday night. Quinn Ohler has more on the heartfelt father/daughter reunion.

QP: This one is tough because I know there are things from earlier in my career that I’m forgetting. But I will say that getting the chance to go to the Memorial Cup when the Oil Kings won it in 2014 was unbelievable. My cousin was assistant coach at the time, so to share that with family is pretty special.

The Oilers cup run in 2006 when I worked in Red Deer was also pretty special. We were given the opportunity to come to Edmonton to do stories so I got to work alongside my dad.

WATCH: Global News sports reporter/anchor Quinn Phillips caught up with some Edmonton Eskimos Wednesday and they threw her right into the action.

You have each blogged about your Dads and how they have inspired you. How does your Dad continue to influence your life today?

QO: My dad is Superman. I can hardly talk about my dad without tearing up. He has been an inspiration long before he was injured in a truck rollover eight years ago. He’s an athlete, who always worked very hard as a farmer to give his kids all he could. I get a lot of who I am from my parents: my work-ethic, my love of sport and community and my passion for family.

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This makes my heart smile. Superman is back on skis after 7 years. @scialberta thank you. Pic courtesy @okenoughalready #cop #yyc #allthefeels #wishicouldhavebeenthere

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Since the crash, he’s been the definition of perseverance and overcoming obstacles. He’s never let his disability (my dad is a quadriplegic) get in the way of anything he’s done, nor has he stopped doing the things he loves, like downhill skiing. I also get to watch him be an absolutely amazing grandfather to my nephew. *tears up with pride*

QP: (Her dad is Alberta Sports Hall of Fame Inductee and former Edmonton Oilers play-by-play voice Rod Phillips.)

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Throwing it back to the super fun 90s. Me, the fam and ol’ Lord Stanley’s cup. #tbt

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My dad used to bring home news copy from 630 CHED and make me practice reading it, at that time I didn’t think I’d ever want to listen to him again. Ha ha. It’s pretty incredible to have a dad that shares the same career and we’re very similar people, as well, so I can really rely on him for advice about anything from the mental game, to asking questions about hockey or football.

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He’s the one person whose opinion really counts when it comes to my work – when he compliments a story or my cast my heart explodes with pride. 

On being healthy — both physically and mentally — why is this important to you?

QO: Leading a healthy lifestyle has always been a huge part of my life. I started as a figure skater when I was two and only had one real slip up where I wasn’t doing any physical activity for months on end. I had multiple jobs: I was working at Global Lethbridge, CJOC (a Lethbridge radio station), a photolab and coaching skating.

I didn’t have time to sleep, let alone work out and I was eating a ton of fast food because I was always on the road. I realized then that the changes in how I felt, both physically and emotionally, were because of a lack of healthy eating and exercise. Now I try to work out regularly (minus a couple of health issues), and eat right as much as I can.  Physical health and mental health go hand-in-hand for me. If I’m not working out or eating right, I don’t feel like me.

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Move for Movember wrap up


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Global’s Do-MO-Nation Team ready to kick off Movember


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QP: If I didn’t, I would be a literal monster. Ha ha.  But on a serious note, there’s nothing better than having the ability to improve yourself every single day.

What would be three items in your grocery cart (or that are staples in your fridge)?

QO: A ton of fruits and vegetables; sparkling water (it’s an addiction); and candy for my work candy drawer!

QP: Tomatoes; eggs; and if you see a bag of chocolate, specifically M&Ms, please take them out!

You are both actively involved in giving back to the community? What is the most fun you have had while fundraising?

QO: Bust-a-Move with the Global Gazongas was soooo much fun. The women I work with are remarkable and getting to spend time as a group raising money for breast health was an unbelievable experience.

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#Repost from our Early News Producer @cymeadows. ・・・ Just your average Saturday morning working out with 300 of your closest friends for #bamyeg. Thanks to everyone who donated. We survived. And checkout front row/white t-shirt @quinnpglobal who gave it 110% for all 6 hours. No lie. Our next Global athlete of the week. @cadevaney @mertz_emily @jen.crosby @laurellife @erinchalmers @tonia_h09 @nicoledechamp + Kelsey.

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QP: I’m with Quinn, Bust-a-Move is a blast and I get to do it alongside colleagues and they get to see how much I sweat when I workout.

WATCH: Global Edmonton wardrobe sale raises more than $9K for breast cancer research

What does Our City mean to you?

QO: Our City means that, as much as our viewers call Edmonton and surrounding areas home, so do we. We are in the community taking part in various events, we are at the farmer’s market, the city gyms, the Eskimo or Oilers or Oil King’s games.

The stories that you care about, we care about too. It’s fun to watch behind the scenes as our newsroom discusses story ideas because our producers, reporters, anchors and other staff members have just as much passion about stories that shape our community, as our viewers do.

QP: Everything. Edmonton is my hometown, most of my friends and family are here and I absolutely love that I get to share sports stories from the area with fellow Edmontonians.  There’s so much pride in this city and I get to help boost that.

Who is funnier (or who has more fun)?

Quinn Ohler (left) and Quinn Phillips (right) in the Global Edmonton newsroom.

Karen Bartko, Global News

QO: Not even a question, the other Quinn is. She’s also more clever, prettier and a just an all around better person than I am.

I often times will be sitting in the studio quietly checking social media or my email during a commercial break, and she will start a dance party or have me in stitches right before I have to go on air. I get giggle fits a lot, or will reference inside jokes on air to make her laugh, but I don’t think that makes me funny.

QP: I saw Quinn’s answer and I’m not a better person, she’s incredibly sweet and kind.  I will say that my job, in sports, does allow me to be far less serious and have a lot more fun with things. I had a performance review at a job (not in media) and was told I needed to be more serious. So that says something, good or bad, I’ll let you guys decide.  This job is too much fun, I need to make sure that people enjoy it with me.

Learn more about the Global News Quinn’s on their blogs and by watching them Weekends at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Global News.

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