Beyonce fans mistake chef Rachael Ray for designer Rachel Roy

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Confused Beyonce fans turned on celebrity chef Rachael Ray after the singer dropped her new album Lemonade over the weekend, which apparently makes reference to Jay Z’s alleged infidelities.

Bey fans (a.k.a the Beyhive) were quick to go off on the TV chef after lyrics from one Beyonce’s new songs went viral and designer Rachel Roy suggested on Instagram that she might be who Beyonce was singing about.

The singer makes reference to a woman named Becky in the song as being her husband’s “side chick.”


“He better call Becky with the good hair,” Beyonce sings on the new album.

It seems that people believe the singer is referring to Roy, but it was Ray who was blasted on social media.

“@rachaelray now you seen what it wud be like if you mess with Beyonce or beyhives. So make sure u don’t make it to beyonces hit list,” one fan tweeted at the chef.

In Instagram, Ray was forced to delete comments after people went after her for her tasty looking burger recipes.

“Keep your beef in your burgers and way from Beyonce hoe,” reads a now deleted comment.

“You’re a…homewrecker! I just got done dropping off you cooking books at my nearest homeless shelter…” reads another comment.

Ray fans were quick to come to the chef’s defence.

[email protected] such a good person you’re out here breaking up marriages. Smdh,” a fan tweeted. “bro it’s Rachel Roy who cheated…,” a fan fired back.

“@HolyExboy @rachaelray Wrong person….. you’re looking for Rachel “Roy.”  Rachael Ray just likes to cook brunch,” Monica Walsh replied.

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