Disturbing video of cab driver running over Calgary teen shown in court

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WARNING: This story contains graphic content. Discretion is advised.

A Calgary taxi driver admitted in court Monday that he was driving the cab that ran over and killed a 16-year-old girl in March of 2015.

Stanislaw Maguder, 70, is charged with with hit and run causing death.



  • Woman killed in hit and run on 16th Avenue

    The victim, Tyla Chipaway, was found lying across the centre lane of the road in the 600 block of 16th Avenue N.E.

    An agreed statement of facts was read in court Monday as the trial began.

    Stanislaw was driving a 2014 Toyota Prius for Associated Cabs. He was driving west bound in the centre lane of 16 Ave.

    Court heard Chipaway was dressed in black clothing and was walking in and out of traffic early that morning.

    At 3:25 it’s believed she laid down on road. Twenty-six seconds later she was run over by Maguder.

    Both her head and legs were driven over.

    Chipaway’s body rolled under the Prius as it drove over her. She was dragged nine meters.

    Maguder admits he kept driving, and did not stop to help her.

    Several vehicles drove around the teen before someone finally came to her aid, two minutes later.

    She was pronounced dead at the  scene.

    Court heard Maguder continued driving to a car wash in Bowness, and eventually went to see the co-owner of the cab.

    Maguder told the other cabbie he bumped something on 16th Avenue.

    “It was stuff or [a] luggage kind of thing lying on the road,” Maguder said.

    The trial is expected to last five days.

    Editor’s note: This headline has been updated with corrected information. 

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