‘On a life high’: Lethbridge man posts viral video of daring jump from Lundbreck Falls

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It’s a moment Chris Mezei and Colin Ross, will likely never forget. The two men went on a weekend camping and hiking getaway to the Lundbreck area, where things got a little out of control.

“We hiked up to Tabletop Mountain, then on the way back, I figured I’d go for a jump,” said Mezei.

No, Mezei didn’t jump off the mountain, but at Lundbreck Falls, facing a 12 meter drop, Chris Mezei took the plunge.


“It was quick, it was cold, very cold,” said Mezei. “I’ve jumped in there before and I’ve kind of swam around in there and I can’t see the bottom, so it’s easily 20, or thirty feet deep there.”

Mezei says he’s done the jump over ten times, but this is the first time it was caught on video. His childhood friend Colin Ross was able to capture the moment on his camera.

“I was like I’m going to video tape it, so the world gets a little treat of craziness at Lundbreck Falls,” said Ross.

Ross posted the video on Facebook Saturday night and it already has over 22 thousand views.

“I think people love it,” said Ross. “They’re seeing us live life and enjoy it and go out of our element and do something that we wouldn’t normally do.”

It’s not illegal to jump off Lundbreck Falls, but Ross and Mezei are warning people to exercise caution.

“Be careful and take it at your own risk because it is very dangerous,” said Mezei. “People get hurt everyday doing this [cliff jumping]  and yeah we’re definitely not promoting it.”

The jump, is part of a complete lifestyle change for the two men. Over the past few months both Mezei and Ross have been getting into adventurous outdoor activities, as opposed to spending time partying and drinking.

“Working in the [oil] patch you kind of get used to the lifestyle, the money, and the partying goes along with it,” said Mezei. “I’m just tired of it and it’s a total waste of life.”

The two men, who have known each other since they were ten years old, plan to change their lives, together.

“We were going through similar problems, so it was awesome because we’re on the same level,” said Ross. “We’re on a life high right now and nothing is going to stop us from getting these rushes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Facebook videos, but we’re going to experience life personally ourselves.”

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