‘Sorry, my first kill was clumsy’: Killer leaves eerie note at scene of double-homicide

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Police are investigating the gruesome murder of a married couple in San Jose, Calif., after the killer left behind an eerie hand-written note.

San Jose police were called to the home of Shamima and Golam Rabbi just before 2 p.m. on Sunday. Upon their arrival, officers found the bodies of the couple, each of whom had been shot at least once.

According to ABC 7 News, friends of the Rabbis called police after going into the couple’s home to check on them after not hearing from the family for several days.

Speaking to the news station, friends described the Rabbis, who left Bangladesh more than 30 years ago, as a “humble, peaceful and polite” couple.

“So that’s why it’s so difficult to reconcile to the tragic, violent end to such simple, gentle souls,” Hasan Rahim, a member of Evergreen Islamic Center, told ABC 7.


Citing unnamed sources, the news station spoke with the friends who claim they were inside the home shortly after the murders and said a note was found on the floor.

“Sorry, my first kill was clumsy,” the note reportedly read.

Also citing sources, NBC News reported the killer had also scribbled a rant on a wall inside the home.

“I can’t be like you, telling a lie. I can’t love someone without telling them,” the source claimed the message said.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a police spokesperson declined to comment on the existence of a note.

ABC 7 reported the couple were devoted members of their neighbourhood mosque.

“We are surprised that they are no longer with us and especially going away in such a manner is something we just can’t come to grips with,” Rahim told the news station.

Police said the motive behind the murders has yet to be determined and officers have no information on a possible suspect.

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